ICET II 2018: Critical Innovation

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July 26nd  2018 | Roi Et Rajabhat University 

Nowadays, globalization has changed communication from slow to fast using modern technologies. This change has affected the economy, society, politics, culture, education, technology, ecology, and the environment. At the same time, researchers strive to examine developing innovation to keep up with the changes and be competitive in the world as well as to drive and develop digital technologies for new innovation and creativity.
Research knowledge is an important tool in the economic and social development of the country. Research potential is an indicator of the value and process of competitiveness and development of Thailand towards learning through intellectual society. Moreover, research knowledge also helps to develop the country to the Thailand 4.0 policy which emphasizes on developing Thailand to be stability, prosperity, and sustainability country.
Roi Et Rajabhat University (RERU) realizes the importance of research and creativity by promoting and supporting lecturers and students to produce research papers continuously. Moreover, RERU also supports joint research in collaborative of graduate students and lecturers of classroom management to guide their teaching and learning. For graduate level, RERU emphasizes on produce creativity research to meet the national and international quality standard. Therefore, RERU is held “The 2ndInternational Conference on Education and Technology Research 2018 (ICET II 2018): Critical Innovation” to provide a public forum to disseminate the research of graduate students and scholars from Thai and international universities as well as to share researcher experiences and best practices on their work to promote sustainable development. Furthermore, the conference also aims to build collaborative education network as well as the development of research.
  1. To publicize the research of graduate students in Thailand and abroad.
  2. To offer opportunities to students, lecturers, and academicians for sharing their research findings.
  3. To increase the potential for research, creative work, and innovation of students, lecturers, and researchers of educational institutions in Thailand and abroad.
  4. To collect academic articles in the format of conference proceedings and promote networking in national and international research development among researchers, educational, institutions, and public and private partnerships.



Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Brown, USA

“21st Century Pedagogical Skills in English Language Education: Contextualizing the ‘Shifts’ and the ‘6 C’s’ Plus One”

 Professor Dr.William R. Barratt

“Learning and Teaching in a Digital Age”

Roi Et Rajabhat University

Thongchai Rojkangsdan,

Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University




Call for Papers for the International Conference

The 2nd International Conference on Education and Technology Research 2018

 (ICET II 2018): Critical Innovation


Please send items under one of the five categories as follows:
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